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March madness

How can it possibly be mid March already! I honestly can't believe how quickly the last few weeks have went by and I am not gonna lie - I'm feeling in desperate need of a wee break, a little chill time as its been sooooo busy! I'm looking forward to a short trip during the easter holidays, spending some quality time with the family.

A big chunk of my time recently was spent designing the latest Trend magazine, check it out here or you can grab a physical copy throughout Aberdeen and the shire.

I have also been busy working on some exciting local design projects which I will share with you all soon.

Hopefully you have all got things sorted for this coming Sunday as its Mothers Day! And I am pleased to see that its not long now till the clocks go forward - meaning just that little bit more daylight in our day which is always a good thing. I am not a 'winter' person at all! I know my husband and kids will tell you - I hate being even a little bit cold, having to put on endless layers of clothes every time you leave the house and my complexion looking completely washed out :-( Roll on the summer sun, sipping pims in the garden, endless amount of bbqs and being able to make the most of the long lighter nights and not just going into hibernation mode as early as 4pm as in the winter!

Check out my Etsy shop folks, I have added more products including some fab new t-shirt designs and more to come so keep checking in.

Bye for now.

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