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Brrrrrrr! It's freezing out there!

Well! Its safe to say that winter is truly upon use, especially up here in the north-east of Scotland! The temperature here is staying consistently below freezing causing lots of chaos. I have never been a lover of winter, I am definitely more a summer time, feel the heat on my skin type of gal! I am currently sitting at my desk, with countless amount of layers on including a full scarf and fingerless gloves so I can at least type lol! Not a very good look but its keeping me warm while the snow keeps falling outside. So I thought I would share some deals on winter warmers with you all - some good prices to be had so grab them quick while they are still available.

I also wanted to share with you a few other design related projects that I have been working on that you can now purchase direct from my etsy shop. I love to see good quality art displayed in peoples homes - I have pulled together some of my own favourite artists and created poster prints that you can download and frame accordingly to fit your home. You will find artists such as William Morris, Paul Klee and even Van Gough in there, so go and take a look and please do share with your friends and family - I would be forever grateful.

One of my most favourite cities to visit is Edinburgh - I just love the whole vibe and surroundings down there, plus everyone is super friendly too. Edinburgh will also always personally hold a special place in my heart as its where my hubby asked me to marry him over 15 years ago at Edinburgh Castle - awwww I hear you say! So I have also pulled together a triple print poster that showcases some of this beautiful cities most well known landmarks. Hope you like :-)

For the next week I will be committing most of my time to one of my recurring design projects but I will also be adding more items to my etsy shop when I get a spare minute. Plus I still have all the Christmas gift wrapping to do - the gifts are all bought but they just don't seem to want to wrap themselves lol! Anyhow, I best get on with it.

Bye for now folks.

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