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Christmas countdown is well and truly on now!

Wow! 1st December - how did we get here so quick! Hopefully you have all managed to grab at least some bargains in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! I managed to tick off quite a few things on my shopping list, so its just a couple of small bits and bobs left to get. There are still some good deals to be had out there, check out my pinterest page where ya can find some ideas

I thought I would share a wee word of warning - one of my deliveries arrived yesterday from Amazon! It was a gift that was meant to be part of my sons Christmas, I wanted to keep it a surprise. However, this gift was delivered, unpackaged, no box, no bag, no wrapping of any kind. It simply had my address label stuck directly onto the product and you can guess who answered the door when the delivery driver arrived.... yip, my son! So thats this gift surprise well and truly failed. On the plus note - he was delighted to see what it was lol! So my word of warning is - be sure to check the 'is this a gift' box when ordering items to ensure your gifts do actually arrive in some sort of packaging.

Today is mostly gonna be about me designing more products for my etsy shop I am currently working on some pet related products as I am a huge animal lover. If you have a particular breed, type or product that you would like to see some cool stuff for, ping me a message. It's very early days for this new venture - I'm aiming to build up a whole array of items so be sure to check in regularly for any new additions.

So on that note, I best get to work. These things ain't gonna design themselves lol!

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