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Well hello there folks!!

Welcome you lovely lot, to my very first, brand spanking new blog. For those who do not already know me, my name is Lisa - a 40+ year old, graphic designer, mum, wife, dog owner, singer, Disney obsessed, Scottish lass! Ask any of my family or friends and they would most likely describe me as the overly organised one. I'm always super detailed with anything that needs planning - like going on holiday, DIY projects, family admin etc - much to the annoyance of some people! I can't help it, its just in my nature lol. If something needs doing then ya can guarantee I will be 'on it' till the jobs done (even planning during my sleep).

Anyhow, you may be wondering why I have decided to start blogging. Let's just say I am on a voyage of personal discovery, pushing my own personal boundaries and comfort zones. I feel that I have plenty to share from my experience, some of which will hopefully help people. I'll be feeding news into your world that you may otherwise have missed or that I think you should know about including my design product offerings, cool design related stuff, general snippets of tips, hints and info and anything in-between.

My mission - to build and connect with a community of people that will enjoy and benefit from reading my ramblings. It's a chance for me to download the stuff in my head and share it with the world. Hopefully, you will choose to keep listening!

I will always endeavour to keep my blogs a place for happy, useful content and welcome any pin pointers along the way. It's a journey that I wish to share with you all as I navigate through this digital world.

Hope you continue to join me on this journey - I'm excited to see where its gonna take me. Be sure to follow me on my various platforms if you get the chance and check out my online shop - some cool items there for you to have a nosey at, adding more every day.

Bye for now.

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