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Wishing you all the merriest of Christmas

Wow, how did we get to Christmas eve so quick! It really does feel like its crept up super fast, and no real hang time before the big day as the kids only finished school yesterday here! Oh well, best get the festive fizz on the go.

December has been a crazy busy month for me, work has been constant which is good and I am super grateful for, but I am not gonna lie - I am looking forward to some proper down time to chill and get away from the usual daily routine and rushing around with various after school kids activities.

We recently managed a short festive trip down to Edinburgh where we took in all that this beautiful city has to offer including the Christmas market. It was a fabulous weekend with lots of sightseeing, meeting with family, sampling the market food, drink and goods stalls and getting plenty steps in, which always helps with the extra calories consumed at this time of year lol! I have some great Edinburgh poster prints available for download on my Etsy page - check them out here! They would make a great addition to anyones home.

So 2022 has definitely been a much kinder year to us all with regards to all things covid and I'm really hoping that 2023 will be better still! My main career ambition for this next year is to build up my Etsy shop. In the new year I will be concentrating on creating items that are 'goal' orientated such as fitness trackers, budget planners, cleaning/to do lists and meal planners etc - anything that is gonna help you be a better version of yourself. As a lot of us do, we may over indulge over the next few weeks - and quite rightly so! Everyone should relax and enjoy this special time but come January its important that we get back on it and start looking after our mind, body and health. I am planning on designing some cool sportswear items too, to help motivate you folks to get back into the swing of things with your exercise routine.

So, all thats left for me to say is that I wish everyone of you the most amazing festive break with your loved ones. Enjoy, indulge, relax and unwind! Hope you all have a good one and I will be back in the new year.

Merry Christmas xx

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